She was saved from her brother as an Amish cart racing pair at the same kill lot in Colorado where Enzo and Olives came from. She’s a tattooed Standardbred.

After some digging, we traced her freeze brand back to the East coast. She was passed through 12 sale/auction houses in less than a year. To say she was high strung would be the under statement of the century.

She was prone to outbursts and blackouts where she would rip out fencing, etc. She didn’t know HOW to relax. She was just waiting for the next sale barn, and the next and the next.

It has taken her 2 years to finally relax. I read a lot of the Brontë sisters aloud (tempo and cadence works perfect), she loves music and is ridiculously smart.

She, like all horses in the racing world, was started too early and her bones/joints suffered as a result. She is amazing under saddle, and is eager to please. She, however, is only sound at a walk. We have given her time off to heal, spent an astronomic amount on chiropractic care and massage therapies, as well as injections. Time will tell.

She can be sponsored for $100/month for farrier care and flax.