We picked this sweet boy up with his brother, Tecumseh in summer of 2018.

Caked with mud, hair in tangles and needing some major weight out on them both, they came to Casa Ventosa to heal.

We joke he is a Labrador retriever of the horse world and wants nothing more than to hang out with you all day and supervise chores. He was adopted this past fall with his brother, Tecumseh, and was returned to us through no fault of his own. He has a partially paralyzed larnyx and is unsafe above a walk.

He has never offered to buck, rear, or do anything mean. He needs consistent work and praise to show him the world is not out to hurt him.

He is amazing bareback or under saddle and loves just to “be”. He is the epitome of a Dude.

He is available for adoption as a confident beginner or kids horse for $400. He can be sponsored for $250 a month, and ridden and loved here at the rescue.