Olives was our “free” gift with purchase. She came with Enzo. She has ringbone (additional bone growth along the hoof/leg joint) and is gimpy. She was recently diagnosed with Cushings (the horse version of what I can only equate to diabetes in the human world).

She requires daily medicine, loves all people, and being doted on. She is the perfect pony for introducing kids to riding and this helps keep her thin. She gains weight on air and is the low man on the totem pole in the herd hierarchy, but somehow holds the entire herd together here at Casa Ventosa.

The other horses love to push her around, but fall to pieces if she leaves to go to the vet, etc.

While not adoptable, she needs kids (up to 75 lbs) to ride her and keep her in shape. (Let us know if you have littles who want to ride!)

She can be sponsored for $175/month. This covers her Prascend (Cushings meds, farrier care, and flax).