We believe that transparency is key in operations here to give confidence to donors on how we use your donations. And we like charts. 

Here is our 2023 expense v. income. This was our worst year ever. I am concerned as we head into 2024, but, one step at a time, we will press on and add programs to our already robust line up to further help and support horses in Laramie County. 

The needs of the community’s equines are still great and, like I’ve said, time and time again, we need community backing in order to do any of this, especially as a 100% volunteer run equine rescue and sanctuary. 

We did GREAT things this year! While donations were waaaay down, and we battled inflation with feed, hay and just about everything else, we benefitted and we grew. 

  • We helped educate families on the expenses of owning livestock and equines and exhausted our 2022 grant from Blue FCU Foundation 
  • We had our front road fencing bolstered and fixed by an Eagle Scout as her final project. (I sleep SO much better at night, and that peace of mind is such a gift)
  • We had Microsoft out multiple times to help with leveling stalls, and fixing up things before winter. 
  • We got our name out, participating in multiple parades and CFD events. 

Before the year is out we are doing the following: 

  • taking another horse into foster 
  • needing another load of hay before our supplier runs out. 
  • purchasing another run in shed for Nicolaus to use as he ages and learns to navigate with total loss of vision. 

In 2024:

  • We will be adding on another barn to better manage all our animals, including goats, hay storage, and add 2 stalls to move Odin and Beau over, as the family we board with is moving.  
  • Additional fencing 
  • Rehab and therapy for 4 horses who are currently in our care with lifelong injuries. 
  • Continued vetting and care for all our animals
  • Bolstering programs for veterans, first responders and front line workers. More programs and opportunities to learn more about us, visit and interact with our horses and our board of directors. 

This will be a massive undertaking, but I am confident and optimistic. 

A massive THANK YOU to our volunteers, donors, board of directors and your families for allowing you to take part, and see just how amazing, healing and beneficial horses are. You all have my undying love, support and admiration. 

If you’ve been waiting and wanting to donate before the 2023 year is over, you can in the following ways: 

– Cash/check: Casa Ventosa Rescue 3020 Iron Mountain Rd., Cheyenne, WY 82009 

-Venmo: @CasaVentosaRescue 


Happy Holidays, and A Joyous Holiday Season to you all! 

Emma Stone
Casa Ventosa Rescue