To surrender an equine to our rescue and sanctuary please review the following surrender document. EQUINE SURRENDER 

Then call Emma at 520-239-6130

Enzo (in memoriam)

Enzo was our first horse here at the rescue.  We rescued him at 27 years of age and he gave us 6 years before passing away in February of 2022.  He is buried on property.  He was the first horse owned outright by founder, Emma Stone.  He had a body score of 2 and a massive heart murmur when we brought him here.  We put weight back on him over the course of a year and his heart murmur resolved.  He was grumpy and we loved him for it.  He loved all treats and kisses.

Olives (in memoriam)

Olives was the second horse that we brought into rescue.  She was a tried and true lesson horse that was thrown away after receiving a diagnosis of severe ringbone.  She earned the nickname “Eeyore” and was very adamant about certain things and if she wanted attention.  She is buried here on property next to Enzo.


Sometimes called Nic, was surrendered to us after a successful team roping rodeo career.  He lost an eye in an accident and was unable to compete.  He is now completely blind, but knows his pasture and paddock well and looks far younger than his 22 years of age.  He loves cookies and knows a wide range of verbal commands so he is unsurprised by things like people, halters and tack.  He loves working with first responders and veterans.


Winnifred had an extensive race career as a pacer in Maine before being dumped in the auction circuit for aging and slowing down.  She went through 12 auctions, that we’ve been able to trace and came to us broken and with a lot of emotional baggage.  We gave her 2 years to settle and realize that she was not going anywhere.  She is now our most emotionally in tune horse.  Her large 17 hand stature is intimidating to some people who maybe haven’t been around horses a lot.  She loves grain and having a job.  She’s recently started back under saddle with a trainer who understands paced horses.


We rescued he and his brother.  He and his brother were adopted out and Ulysses was diagnosed with COPD and returned to us.  We now have it managed with an inhaler.  He is often referred to as the Labrador retriever of horses and loves everybody as long as you’re prepared to give him love and butt scratches all day long.


This sweet boy is a 6 year old off track Thoroughbred with a winning race career and three day eventing career. 

He needs time to heal and have some ailments treated. We look forward to getting to know him better! 


We received a call from a woman in Laramie handling the liquidation of her mother’s estate.  She had several horses who needed new homes and were not in the best of situations.  We took the one who was most at risk. 

Dot is named after my grandmother, who passed away the same day I got a call asking for help with her.  She is now 22, and has been with us almost 2 years (as of 12/22).  She has come leaps and bounds since we got her and enjoys interaction with people and can still be a pistol at times! She loves being brushed, gets the wooliest ears in winter, and enjoys her treats.


Theo came to us as an owner surrender.  He has an old injury with a hind leg and navicular in his front.  He was bullied at his former home, and we took him in to gain some much-needed weight and find himself outside of being bossed around.  He is quiet, we are working on his confidence and he loves one on one time, as well as bodywork to help his body feel its best.


Named after a Marine from the 4th Marine Division E.B. Sledge, who fought in the Pacific Theatre and on Guadalcanal during World War II.  Sledge is a Paso Fino who is with us for rehab from locking stifle syndrome.  He is extremely guarded and slow to warm up to people.  He currently resides in Colorado.


Sam has taught us more about horses and horse time than any other horse we’ve ever encountered.  We suspect a lot of mishandling, beating and that Sam hasn’t ever had an easy life.  He has the cutest face that we all want to kiss so much, but he will not let us.  He grows and makes leaps and bounds, recently discovering his treat ball and interacting with us for enrichment items.  He also currently resides in Colorado.



The half-brother of Ulysses.  We picked them up at the same time.  Tecumseh went on to work cattle and now lives in New York where he has plenty of friends.  He is living the good life! 


Nissa was rehomed with us after her owners needed to sell their home quickly due to a change in circumstances.  We found her a beautiful home with Sammy in Pine Bluffs.  Nissa lost her barn buddy, and Sammy had lost his mom.  The two quickly bonded and now explore life on a large cattle farm and love coming to get love from their mom.


We took Louie on from a large dude outfit here in Cheyenne.  He had a lot going on with his feet (proper farrier care is everything!) We rehabbed him, and gave him some time to decompress from what was a not-so-great life.  He now has 5 kids who fawn over him in Sheridan, Wyoming.  He rules the pasture over several other horses and enjoys every minute of it! 


Sage has a loving family and a boy of her very own.  We took her on as a largely unhandled horse who had some basic training.  She now lives in Glenrock, Wyoming with the Wulf family and regularly attends clinics, gives lessons and loves her life!

Tim (the Enchantor)

Tim was surrendered to us after his owner passed away.  He is a mini, but mighty in attitude.  He loves to give kisses like a dog, and blow raspberries.  He has foundered in the past, so requires a dry lot.  Look for him in upcoming posts and parades!

Gus (the Bus)

Gus is a gigantic ranch horse.  He has not had an easy life and was surrendered to us after his owner passed away, with Tim.  He is so sweet, and so forgiving.  He enjoys his new 40-acre parcel of land to roam and have nothing asked of him other than to be a horse.

Dakota and Beauty

Dakota was adopted out and returned to us after her Army vet adopted died suddenly from Covid.  We knew that finding the perfect family for her to comfortably live out the rest of her days was a must! Her first adopter always told us “I chose her because her body doesn’t work so well, a lot like mine. We heal each other.” Enter a prior family who had adopted a sweet mare from Beauty from us as her family was moving from Wyoming to Southern California and couldn’t take her with them.  She and Beauty hit it off and now live at a large boarding facility in Fort Collins, CO where they are loved by the Irwin family! 

If you would like to adopt one of the horses, see our How to Adopt page.