I saw his photograph online. Skinny, sick, but his eyes just told me he needed me. I cant describe it. He was bailed from a kill lot by a beautiful friend of mine at the 11th hour–literally last minute.

He is old, 25+, arthritic and has a HOT Thoroughbred attitude. He only comes to me when he needs something, and we just let him live. He was 600+ lbs underweight, had a horrid heart murmur from lack of weight and was beaten–horribly by a woman.

We surmise this as my husband could be in the barn with him and do anything, and he would cower in the corner with me. You couldnt raise your voice above a whisper. I got a saddle on him once, and he laid down and started to shake uncontrollably. I retired him and made him our first sanctuary member.

Whatever he has seen in his life, he can let go of and just be a horse. We still maintain manners so he leads, stands and does well for the vet and farrier. He is my heart horse. There is a connection there, and while i will never ride him, our hearts are connected.

He’s pushing 30 now, loves flax meal and hemp pellets to keep him feeling young and hasn’t slowed down a bit.

He can be sponsored for $100/mo. This covers his hoof trims and his supplements.