Casa Ventosa Rescue was founded by Emma Stone in 2018 after seeing there were no rescue options for equines in Cheyenne, or the surrounding area.  An avid lover of animals, and horses from since before she could remember, she was given the opportunity to give a voice to the voiceless and immediately sprung into action.  Casa Ventosa is unique in that it offers both sanctuary and adoption avenues for horses in need in the Southeastern portion of Wyoming.  We do not assign timelines to any of the horses in our care, making sure they are fully healed before entering training, or adopted out.  We pride ourselves on connecting the right people with the right horses to create permanent partnerships.  We also strive to create an environment of learning for those in our community and the surrounding area on the ongoing costs associated with horse ownership, in the hopes that we will create less demand for having to rehome equines in Wyoming, and surrounding areas.  

Giving back to our community is something that we take great pride in and love to welcome home school groups, first responders and other groups looking for peace, solitude and the ability to calm mind, body and spirit with the horses in our care.  

Casa Ventosa is 100% volunteer run.  You can be assured that every dollar donated to our cause as a 501c3 organization goes directly to the animals in our care, making sure that they live their best lives. 

Casa Ventosa’s EIN for tax related documentation is 83-1626183.