Casa Ventosa Equine Rescue

Casa Ventosa “Windy House” in Portugese is a homage to the beautiful giving soul who helped me realize and achieve my dream of getting this rescue off the ground.

We are the only equine rescue in Laramie County WY, / Southeastern WY.

We offer Sanctuary care for horses and adopt out. We have permanent residents and adoptable horses.

We are unique to the Wyoming area. We’re trying to change Minds that horses are primarily viewed as Livestock in this region of the country, not necessarily members of the family like dogs.

We’re trying to educate the community on cost over a lifetime of an animal, and doing right by it when it can no longer be used as a ranch hand, or for sport and needs to just be loved in a pasture.

We are working on developing lessons, programs for vets in those who have served our country and community, as animals are absolutely amazing Healers.

We run Clinic a couple times a year, and communicating, working with new horses with unknown pasts.

We are extremely Grassroots right now as we really put the horse before the cart and need to work on things as far as infrastructure is concerned before we can make lessons and Clinics and other things a reality here.

We are putting on our first fundraising benefit later this summer and look forward to selling tickets for that with details to come.